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Van Gogo's

REAL delicious Vietnamese banh mi

REAL NY bagels with delectable fillings and more!


We are open Wednesday to Sunday

11:00 - 15:00


Van Gogo's

Tweede Egelentiersdwaarstraat 18a

Jordaan, Amsterdam 1015 SC

(five minutes from Anne Frank House)


We are Kiwi's (from New Zealand) serving REAL Vietnamese banh mi baguettes - and more - to the good people of Amsterdam!


Why REAL Vietnamese Banh Mi?  Cos they're the best sandwiches on earth - and endorsed by famous chefs Jamie Oliver and the late Anthony Bourdain (who travelled the world, tasting every kind).

REAL banh mi from Van Gogo's are warm, crunchy baguettes encasing a delicious fusion of French/Vietnamese fillings.  You'll find them tasty and healthy - they're stuffed with veges.  Add chillies for spice!  We learned from Viet chefs, so you can relax.


We also have REAL bagels from New York, the best locally roasted White Label coffee and homemade, low sugar vegan yummies.


Our baristas make every kind of coffee, including Vietnamese.  By the way - did you know the Flat White coffee originated in NZ?  For REALS!

We make to order, and fast.  Don't want to wait at all?  Just go to our Order Online page and tell us when you want to pick up.  Sorry we don't deliver- that's one way we're able to keep our prices REAL.


We use REALLY great local suppliers including White Label coffee and the Ten Kate Markt. Our food is fresh and good quality.

We make almost everything ourselves and create as little waste as possible.  Our cold drinks are in glass bottles.  We don't want to use plastic and avoid it where possible.


And we are (and always have been) REAL careful about hygiene.  

Thanks for checking us out, and a REALLY big thanks for your support.  And for telling your friends!



Tel: +31 6 85518690

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